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Equity Release is an increasingly popular product aimed at the over 60’s, which enables them to take a lump sum, or a series of lump sums over time, direct from the value of their property.

Most importantly there are a number of rock solid guarantees that mean you can rest assured that there are no future surprises in store for you. No matter what happens to property prices or how long you live, you can remain in your home and there will be no unexpected bills for you or those you leave behind.

Our calculator below will show you how much you could release.
Your commitment is to ensure you continue to maintain your property.

There are many reasons why you may want to take money out of your property. Perhaps it is for important things such as helping grandchildren through education or paying off your interest only mortgage, alternatively you may see it as the opportunity to enjoy the nicer things in life such as the holiday of a lifetime, or that car you have always promised yourself.

Whatever reason you have for using Equity Release, it is an important decision and equally important you use the correct product, therefore when you ask us to help you, a fully qualified adviser will speak to you and talk you through your options.

We trust this website is full of information that answers all of your questions, however if you can’t find what you are looking for, or if you simply prefer to discuss things through in person, then please feel free to call us on 020 33 55 4837, there is no obligation to use us, and we will be pleased to speak with you.

We cannot offer you personal financial advice during an initial phone call or enquiry, but we can give you general information about how equity release products work and their risks and benefits. We will arrange for a fully qualified adviser will speak with you, before any product is purchased.

The Equity Release Council Code of Conduct
The Equity Release Council Code of Conduct set strict criteria to which members must adhere. This Code of Conduct puts in place safeguards for consumers to ensure that they can have confidence in Equity Release Council members and their products and services. In providing a service across the UK we only use products and advisers who are members of the Equity Release Council.

The Code of Conducts states that members must:

Allow customers to remain in their property for life provided the property remains their main residence.  
Provide customers with fair, simple and complete presentations of their plans. This means that the benefits and limitations of the product together with any obligations on the part of the customer are clearly set out in their literature. It should include all costs that the customer has to bear in setting up the plan as well as the tax implications, their position on moving house and the effects of changes in house values on their loan.  
Allow customers the right to move their plan to another suitable property without any financial penalty.  
Give customers the right to an independent solicitor of their own choice to conduct their legal work. The firm must provide the solicitor with full details of the benefits their client will receive prior to the completion of the plan. The solicitor only signs a certificate once he or she is satisfied that their client fully understands the risks and benefits of the plan.  
Provide an Equity Release Council certificate, signed by the solicitor, to ensure clients are aware of the terms and implications of the plan including the impact of equity release on their estate.  
Give customers a no negative equity guarantee on all equity release plans. This means customers will never owe more than the value of their home and no debt will ever be left to the estate.  
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stay in your home until you die
  All of our Equity Release plans will allow the last person named on the agreement to remain in their home until they either die or are taken into long term care.

There are no circumstances that could remove this right from a customer, no matter how long they live - Guaranteed
Bottom stay in your home guarantee
No Negative Equity

It is possible that property prices could significantly fall after you have taken out your equity release product.

Likewise you could live for much longer than anticipated and the accumulated interest debt is much higher than originally anticipated.

In extreme circumstances the value of your property could be less than the outstanding debt owed to the Equity Release company - this is known as 'negative equity'.

Should such a situation arise the losses are borne by the equity release provider and are not passed on to the customer or their family - Guaranteed

Bottom no negative equity guarantee
No monthly payments

Equity release is another form of mortgage.

Unlike a traditional mortgage there is no requirement on you to make monthly payments to repay the loan.

In fact here is no requirements to make any form of repayment - regular or otherwise during your lifetime

The debt is repaid after you have died from the proceeds of the sale of your home.

bottom no monhtly payments guarantee
Guranteed Protection

All of the products and providers we use subscribe to the to The Equity Release Council’s code of conduct. (see right)

The grantees above form the cornerstone of the code of conduct and help ensure that all customers can buy with confidence and without the risk of any future surprises.

As long as you maintain your property in good condition you should have nothing to worry about - Guaranteed

Bottom Guranteed Protection
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Best Equity Release is a trading style of
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